[CASE STUDY] Wesley Mission, Sinnamon Park Village

Apr 13 2018

Wesley Mission Queensland is an aged care organisation that has been caring for the aged community for more than 100 years. Their mission is to walk alongside people in need, offering care and compassion and promoting choice, independence and community wellbeing. They have recently decided to further grow and add a new structure to the one of their residential aged care facilities Sinnamon Park Village. This is where we come in…

[CASE STUDY] Olympic Football Club, Yeronga Brisbane

Mar 29 2018

Olympic football club is a family-friendly multicultural football club based in the Brisbane suburb of Yeronga. The Club was founded in 1967 and they compete at a semi-professional level. The club also uses the grounds to host events such as extended school programs, tournaments and carnivals. So when they came to us with the challenge of an outdated Pa system and 2 old horn speakers that never worked we knew we were the right people to get this clubs AV up to scratch.

My Top 5 Tips to take some stress out of managing AV in your classrooms…

Feb 21 2017

AV in classrooms is a hot topic these days, which isn’t surprising given that most of the teaching and learning revolves around it in some way or another. But sometimes, it can become a struggle to manage it all with constant callouts to classrooms to fix what seem to be the same irritating problems; like HDMI cable not connecting, images not showing, resolution changes between rooms and laptops, wifi devices disconnecting, poor quality video or the most annoying….. Video and audio not in sync with each other, making you think you are watching an episode of Monkey Magic!

Are you ready for the Launch?

Mar 23 2015

Hey there, So tomorrow marks a pretty monumental day for technology and Audio/Visual Buffs. Yep, its the Launch of the Media streaming giant "Netflix" in Australia. If you don't know what Netflix is all about yet, don't worry you soon will.

Foxtel V Netflix.... The Battle Begins!

Mar 09 2015

Having Spent some time in America over the past few months, I have been watching how the Pay TV companies or "Cable" as its called, and the video streaming service, Netflix work and sit in the Market. In the last 10 days I have had the pleasure of staying with 2 different families in 2 different states. Louisiana and Texas. Let me tell you how they operate and I will then bring you back to the relevance of Foxtel and Netflix in the Australian market.

The Telcos are going hard with 4G

Mar 06 2015

G'day, Well just before Christmas I did a video on the current changes that were happening over the past 12-18 months. This blog is an update on where that's all at from what we know. But to put you into the big picture (Pardon the pun), we think it best that you have a quick listen to the video we did late last year...

Small Group Classrooms are given flexibility with Vaddio!

Feb 26 2015

In August 2014 I was lucky enough to take some of our guys down to Integrate in Sydney. It was there that I came across Vaddio. I had this sort of Deja Vu. I had remembered seeing these guys somewhere in the past, but for some reason they must have never made and impact on me like this time. Why? well I can only assume that my head was in a different frame of mind. These days we are on the look out for things that will separate us in the markets we are active in. For Vaddio, I see it as a fantastic product for education.....