Time has passed, but its a fresh new beginning!

Feb 24 2015


Well to say its been some time since we wrote a blog would be an understatement, its now well over 2 years, edging 3.

In that time so much has happened in our business, one of which is a well overdue website. It’s a pretty basic skin right now, but it was enough to go live with, and we will build it out over time. We just needed to get it to a new platform, so that we could adjust to the growing needs of mobile search and use.

So the plan for the moment, is to get all our You Tube content in, get stuff up to date and then we can move on with new Videos, more product reviews and then, not to forget, building out our website.

So enjoy the months to come and I hope we can keep you engaged enough to stay plugged in and be a central hub for you and people you know to come for information, advice and hopefully booking in a job or two.

Take care, and cheers for now.