The Telcos are going hard with 4G

Mar 06 2015


Well just before Christmas I did a video on the current changes that were happening over the past 12-18 months. This blog is an update on where that's all at from what we know. But to put you into the big picture (Pardon the pun), we think it best that you have a quick listen to the video we did late last year...

Check it out...

OK, so we have certainly seen an increase in interference to peoples TV reception. Its comes in the form of pixilation. It looks like this.

Whilst we have not been informed of any extra towers going up, as we say, we have certainly noticed extra pixilation happening on a lot of antenna systems. Mainly with Antenna systems with Amplifiers on them. The main reason for amplified systems seeing pixilation is because, amplifiers amplify everything, not just the TV signal. Soooo, yep, you got it, the 4g signal gets amplified aswell.

There a number of things we can do to fix this, and there is no hard and fast rule as to which solution is going to fix which. The only way to know is to test with proper test equipment. But, it can be fixed. Changing the amplifier out with a 4g compliant one is one of the things we find that works well.  But be careful if you are going to try this yourself, as there are different horses for different courses, so not every amplifier fits all.

The costs associated with updating your amplifier are sitting around $250 installed. Its not a super cheap fix, but pixilation is not something most people will put up with for long, as I always say, its worse than watching snow on TV like the old days.

If you've has enough of looking at pixiilation, then give us a call at the office, we have some whips that are on the job of making sure your systems is compliant and works a treat

Cheers for now