Are you ready for the Launch?

Mar 23 2015

Hey there, 

So today marks a pretty monumental day for technology and Audio/Visual Buffs. Yep, its the Launch of the Media streaming giant "Netflix" in Australia. If you don't know what Netflix is all about yet, don't worry you soon will.

Basically its an on Demand video streaming service, delivered by over the web, its been in the US for years and now its finally coming to Australia.

Yesterday, Netflix announced their pricing.... 

firstly to note... its free for a month!

Netflix monthly pricing options include: 

Single-stream standard definition plan for AU $8.99 

Two-stream high-definition plan for AU $11.99 

Four-stream 4K ultra-high definition "family" plan for AU $14.99  


Pretty cheap way of watching "What you want, when you want it" will Foxtel take a hit, you bet it will and about time. but they are not silly, they are partnering up with Telstra to deliver Presto, and channel 9 has STAN, pretty original huh!

Anyway, so how do you get it.... well I know everyone has been promoting Smart TVs for a few years now, well now's the time they will start to be useful, really useful.

Panasonic has announced that TVs connected to the internet will be updated overnight to be able to receive Netflix, LG, Sony and Samsung will also be following suit.

But only if you have your TV connected to the internet, or you have a media streaming box like Apple TV or a Western Digital media streamer.

The best way to get your TV onto the net is by hard wiring it to your router. If you havn't got that, you are not getting the best possible pictures that you could get on your internet connection.

So give us a call, 1300 799 734 and we will get a friendly technician over to install a data point at your TV, just in time.

Until next time