5 ways to watch Netflix, on devices you probably already have....

Apr 01 2015

So if  you haven't heard,  last week US Video Streaming Giant "Netflix" launched in Australia and I have had numerous people ask about receiving it on a TV. Its pretty obvious to get it on a computer, after all that's where you go to sign up.

But surely its not a case of opening up Netflix on your computer and plugging your computer into your TV is it? No, definitely not!

I mean yeah, you could do it that way, but that's a bit of a clumsy way to do it and inconvenient, unless of course you are running a Media Center type set up, but lets face it, not many people have that. 

So lets get to it..... How do we set it up on our TV? Well, there are heaps and heaps of ways. I'm going to tell you the top 5 ways to hook up, who knows... You may actually have a few of these devices at home.

Before I start, let me say that I am a big believer of using a wired connection to your devices where possible, Netflix has fantastic algorithms to stream on a low speed internet connection, but its not great on a WiFi connection that continues to drop off the network for any given reason. Now we are no IT buffs, but I have been on the bad side of some crap WiFi over the last few months especially. I have seen speeds of 30 Mbps one second and then seen the whole connection drop off to nothing, and cant even load Facebook.

All streaming services will work better with a consistent level of internet speed, and the reason for this is because, Netflix might not always just stop and buffer, but what it will do is degrade the picture quality to a poor you tube clip at best, to ensure the program rolls on. This gets really annoying after a while. If you put Netflix aside and look at the other big player in America - Hulu, its algorithms don't seem to play the same as Netflix' so it just stops and buffers, and stops and buffers..... gets old real quick!

So what do you do? Install a data point from your modem to your TV location, this rules out the one obvious weakness in your system that you can control. Outside of that its download speed and download limit. That's up for you to negotiate with your ISP.

So back to business... items you can use to receive Netflix

**Please note, there is a link under each device on how to set it up... where possible.

1. Your TV - if its a smart TV you can update it over the net and the Netflix application should become active 

2. A Media Streaming device - Such as Apple TV, Western Digital, Seagate, Chromecast 

3. Xbox 360 and Xbox 1

4. Play-station 3 and Play-station 4

5. Wii and Wii U Now I know that these devices do not have Ethernet points on them, but they do have USB ports on them and they are compatible to allow you to plug in a USB to Ethernet adapter, so, best to do that. The side benefit is that your gaming experience will be better too. Check these out on ebay

I was right, right? you may already have some of these?

But not the data point? As i say, its the weakest part of most peoples system, especially if you have an older (more than 18 months) router.

If you have one you found a device that works a treat, leave a comment on our post. 

If you need a data point installed or want to talk "connected homes" get in touch 1300 799 734 or log a web enquiry here

Until then, 

Bye for now.