[CASE STUDY] Olympic Football Club, Yeronga Brisbane

Mar 29 2018

Olympic football club is a family-friendly multicultural football club based in the Brisbane suburb of Yeronga. The Club was founded in 1967 and they compete at a semi-professional level. The club also uses the grounds to host events such as extended school programs, tournaments and carnivals. So when they came to us with the challenge of an outdated Pa system and 2 old horn speakers that never worked we knew we were the right people to get this clubs AV up to scratch.

The club not having a working PA meant that they were unable to get announcements outside the main club house or the grandstand. No emergency announcements could be made which effected the overall safety. And, not to mention the financial strain caused by not being able to fundraise, which we all know is a massive contribution to club finances.

We decided on wireless microphones to enable you to walk across the standing area while announcing. This means they can walk out onto the ground to do presentations looking back at the club at the end of a game. We needed to be able to get good coverage without having too many High SPL volume hot spots or low spots. We wanted everyone to be able to sit comfortably in the grand stand with even coverage and clarity.

The budget was tight as the club was using sponsor ship money to fund the project. Luckily the club also had die hard club members with trade experience to install to our specification.  Because of this, this project was completed a little differently than how we usually do things…. Instead of our usual 7 phase process we consulted with the client and designed a scope. We then sourced the equipment, and boys from Focus Electrical completed the installation of the cabling so we could commission it at completion. We specified all of the speakers to evenly distribute across the grand stand and the front standing area of the club house. The speakers were cabled back to the 2-channel amplifier, leaving one channel for future expansion of the club. We wired external microphone antennas back to the rack so that we could ensure awesome microphone coverage.

As this was a design, supply and commission project, we didn’t come across the usual installation challenges that you would typically experience. The challenge we did face was the extremely short time frame allowed to complete the project… From initially sighting the project to full commission and EQ we had 6 working days! Typically, our average project time-frame from start to finish is between 4 to 6 weeks so this being delivered in 6 working days is a massive achievement. One of the major time frame issues was the initial stock availability, in that the initial speakers we specified weren’t available in the quantity that we needed. So, this resulted in a very quick alteration of the speaker brand to be able to deliver on this time frame. Overall, we worked together with the client and our valued suppliers to deliver on the agreed time frame, but still comply with out high installation standards.

To sum up, we completed this project in the agreed time frame, resolving all the initial challenges the club came to us with… The club can now evenly and clearly make all announcements, hold fundraisers and host several events on the field. The Big Picture prides itself on being ON TIME, ON SCOPE and ON BUDGET and this project was no exception!